Christmas Bag Review #2 – The ManPack


Man-Pack Classic 2.0XL:
Creator: Aaron Tweedie

The second of three reviews for the “Holiday Of Bags”.  I carried the Man-Pack Classic 2.0XL for just over a week now. I went with the XL model because I wanted the largest bag Man-Pack offers just to be sure it would carry my “everyday items”.  So far this bag does not disappoint, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect by any means, but overall I was very impressed. The people at Man-Pack were great to work with, and I even spoke with the creator and CEO Aaron Tweedie.  If that doesn’t scream great customer service I don’t know what does.

The first thing you will notice is how well it is constructed.  Made from lightweight very durable 600D Cordura Nylon, and comes in at 15.5″ x 11.5″ x 3.5″, which is one of my favorite things about this bag, it’s just big enough to carry the things you need making it a perfect everyday carry bag without all the bulk.  In the previous posts I have listed out what I carry on a daily basis so I’m not going into that again. So let’s get to the meat and potatoes of this bag.

The bag is comfortable to wear, the longest distance I carried this bag at one time was 2.7 miles “fully loaded”.  The strap isn’t really padded which worried me in the beginning, but having the bag slung across your body, the XL 2.0 is well-balanced, and the Man-Pack left me with no shoulder/back fatigue.

At the front of the bag is a large pocket with a magnetic closure that was perfect for my laptop charger and headphones, the paranoid side of me would like a snap closure, but it never came open in the week I carried it, and I haven’t lost anything from that pouch. There are 3 pen holders that are easy to get at and use, the only problem I noticed is when I would sit the bag down flat and pick it again the bottoms of the pens would get pushed out of the holder, and fall on the floor which really annoyed me. Moving to the side of the bag is a collapsible drink holder which is genius. I don’t know about you, but walking by things like desks, people, and anything else your drink holder can and will get caught on everything.  The drink holder on the Man-Pack is available when you want it, and stows when you don’t.  Moving around the bag at the bottom of the shoulder strap by your hip are a generous amount of MOLLE loops, perfect for carrying your cell phone, knife and really anything that has MOLLE straps. Hey! Doesn’t the strap have a cell phone pouch? Yes it does.  It will fit most cell phones, but if carry anything around the size of an iPhone 6 Plus or large Android, those cell phones won’t fit. However it does fit the iPhone 6 perfectly, and on the other hand is a great sun-glass holder. I buy cheap sunglasses so for me this wasn’t an issue. I’m not sure I would put a $200.oo pair of Oakley’s in there, but it is out-of-the-way and protected.

The strap does come apart using Velcro (ya know for when you’re having  good hair day,and don’t want to mess up it up) a plastic buckle with a strap to adjust for height secures it to the bag.  To be honest I pulled the strap apart just once to see, but after that I would just throw it over my head (I don’t have very many good hair days). The Man-Pack can be carried one of three ways. Across the body, over on shoulder which unlike the Hazard 4 is comfortable, and with the bag in front of you on your chest.  The very bottom of the bag hides the “secret compartment”  as I like to call it. A zipper closure pocket that measures the length of the bag, and is padded in neoprene with 3 nylon loops inside.  This pocket is great for a, iPad, android tablet, small laptops, and even your gun and holster which they sell on the website. This pocket is great, and can be accessed without taking the Man-Pack off.  I never carried my laptop in this compartment.  Again I’m a paranoid freak when it comes to breakage, I just didn’t feel that it had enough padding to keep my Macbook air safe, but again that’s just me.  I carried a number of tablets, and self-defense items the pocket worked great!  When accessing the “secret compartment” the Man-Pack comes around your body, and is now in-front of you which is handy  if you use mass transit, or you’re like me and just need to drive a short distance, and don’t feel like taking it off.

The main compartment of the Man-Pack is a flap secure by a metal turn buckle, which at times can be annoying to close, when the fabric sinks the buckle is hard to get into place and turn to secure it.  Underneath the flap is a two zipper opening keeping your belongings very safe and secure.  Inside the main section, are two large pockets, one with a zipper closer and a D-Ring for your keys. Here is a quick hack the packing of the Man-Pack comes with a metal ring that attached the tags, which I took apart attached to the D-Ring for fast and secure key storage.  The main storage area held all of my documents, laptop, Altoids tins, and many other miscellaneous other items.

The Wrap Up:

At the price point of $79.95 for the XL 2.0 and $59.95 for the Man-Pack Classic. These bags are great, and probably one of the best bags I’ve carried in the last year. Easy to carry and affordable.  Really and truly I have one complaint about this bag. IT NEEDS A HANDLE! I move with my stuff many times a day, and normally a short distance if the top of the bag had a handle for me would make it perfect. Aaron did tell that there are more products on the horizon for the upcoming year, and yes we get to review them.  Check them out on the web you still have time before Christmas if you have a picky person on your list. Also you can save 10% by using code #toughlove.  At the end of the reviews I will post some videos of my findings of the 3 bags, but until then enjoy these videos from Man-Pack also check out their very funny commercials, and my attached photos.

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